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How To Root And Install Xrecovery On Xperia X8

This is  step by step how to root and install xrecovery on your xperia x8.

If you want to install custom rom for your xperia x8 you should upgrade to latest baseband and kernel first.

  • Install PC companion from Sony Ericsson x8
  • Connect your phone usb to PC.
  • On PC companion start the support zone (upgrade software).
  • The rests are self explanatory just follow the instruction.

After the kernel and baseband upgrade you can continue on Root and Xrecovery installation.


Xrecovery install the easy way

    • Read here how to root your phone
    • After you root your phone
    • install xrecovery 0.1 apk

Step by step install xrecovery the hard way (if the above is not working).

Step 1: Root your Xperia X8
- download and unzip SuperOneClick to PC Desktop
- connect Xperia X8 to PC (Do not mount)
- on your phone <goto><setting><applications> select <unknown sources>
- on your phone <goto><settings><applications><development> select <usb debugging>
- Launch SuperOneClick -> click <Root>
- you will see - <not successful - is your phone software higher than 2.0?>
- click <yes> and then <success> & <test su> message

Step 2: Mount Xperia X8 (to access SD Card)
- copy <Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk> to root of SD Card
- using PC create folder <xRecovery> and unzip xRecovery0.1.rar
- put the 3 files into the xRecovery folder you've created
- copy the xRecovery folder to root of SD Card

Step 3: UnMount Xperia X8 from PC

Step 4: Launch <Astro> Install <Root Explorer v2.16.apk>

Step 5: Copy xRecovery files to </system/bin> of your phone
- Launch <Root Explorer>
- scroll down to /sdcard <click to access>
- scroll down to xRecovery folder <click to access>
- Select each of the 3 files (one by one) <click & hold><copy>
- <click> parent folder (twice)
- scroll down to <click to access><system>
- <click to access><bin> and <click><Mount R/W>
- press <paste> button

COPY ALL THE 3 FILES (one by one) FROM xRecovery Folder to </system/bin> folder
(i.e. busybox, chargemon and xrecovery.tar)
Once you have done that... you have installed xRecovery to your Xperia X8
SHUTDOWN -> Wait 5 seconds and REBOOT
When you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen - start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times (keep pressing multiple the back button) untill you enter the xRecovery Menu.
USING xRecovery
Select Buttons = Volume Up & Volume Down Buttons
Enter Button = Home Button
Back Button = Back Button

If you’re not a developer you will only need backup/restore, and full wipe (factory reset) from xrecovery, do not attempt to do anything with the rest of xrecovery features unless you know what you’re doing.